How I Made my Chess Board
How I Made my Chess Board

UPDATE March 2002
I made this Chessboard and site in March of 1999!
Thanks for all the visitors [over 1500 a month]
The Chessboard is still tight and going strong.
I've made a few minor changes, all in red.

Piece Finished Piece
This is not necessarily a How-To.. it's more of a... How-You-Could, or How-I-Did.

Here is my Disclaimer:

I am very much a layman in both woodworking and chess.

The following pages describe and show how I made this board. Some or all of the information may be false or misleading. But some of the information may be true. That is an exercise for the reader to decide.

I wanted a chess board without having to pay 100$ for a nice solid hardwood board. So I decided to build one. The reason for the page: I looked on the web for content describing the art of chess board making, and found very little [i.e. none graphical]. What I did find on the news groups was the method I used.

If you have made your own page [about making a chess board] or know of a page I will make a link to it from here.

Feel free to email me with any questions or comments.