Merry Christmas!

Hey look.. I caught up on my blog!  I didn’t post any Thanksgiving photos, we were able to get together with my family and Jess’ family this year a bit early, but I guess I was too busy preparing the meal that I didn’t shoot much of anything.  We enjoyed the family get togethers and have even had two Tree Pickings already… again, not much for photos, sorry.  We ran out of ideas for a Christmas card this year, but slapped one together.  We jumped in the Cessna 172 and I put the wide angle lens on the Lumix and we snapped this shot for our card.  I hit it with a couple of filters just to make it more interesting, but am including another shot that made the list of possibilities so you can get the idea of what it looked like in the plane.

Printed Cards

Sitting back and enjoying the view.

Our 15th Anniversary

Wow.  I never would have guessed it to actually happen… but we did what we said we were going to do.. go on a trip for our 15th.  We were able to get some really cheap tickets to FL. $39/pp one-way.  A bit more after taxes and hidden fees, but it was still cheap.

We spent 4 days and 3 nights in Fort Lauderdale (Dec 1-4).  We did very little but enjoyed the warm weather and the food.

Photo Gallery

Jess and I on the plane

Hiking in the Woods

Matt came up in his usual manner.  Shortly after Thanksgiving for a walk on the proper with his rifle.  He brought a friend and Nathan and I joined him for the walk.  We had a great time, a fresh snow had just fallen and it was beautiful in the woods.  We tried to catch up with some turkeys and ended up tracking a peeing rabbit (did you know they sometimes pee red!? Diet depending).  We loaded all the guns and had a shoot-out for old times sake.  Nathan shot all ten weapons.

Nathan taking a break

Time to go Begging

I think this will be about the last year we do this.  Nathan didn’t have much to dress up in, and we certainly were not going to buy an outfit for an 11 year old.  He donned his aviator clothes and we set off for Bangor to join the Libby group in a walk around the development.  The older boys even walked around by themselves this year.. a sign we’re due to end this tradition.

Nathan ready for flight... after a sugar high!

A Walk in the Park

Sorta.. I’ve driven by this River Walk a few times and thought I was feeling up to a short walk.  It was about a mile long and my legs were soggier than I expected but we took our time and I was able to shoot some photos on the way.  It’s a nice place to walk, and I guess they ski the path in the winter.

Photo Gallery

The Family taking a break

A Motorcycle Ride!

Wow, it’s been a long Spring and Summer.  My health has been the worst ever and we haven’t been out on the bike at all I don’t think. (Maybe one short ride).  I was feeling pretty good and the weather was nice for October, so we talked Matt and Sarah into meeting us in Augusta for lunch.  A great day of friends and riding.  We added 150 miles to the odometer and was pretty tuckered by the end of the ride.

Jess and I with the Boulevard S83 at Red Robin

Matt Comes to Play

I was a bit short on time, as I was working today.  But I did get over to Matts land with he and Sarah for a short visit.  They were trying to clear some more area and take inventory of what they had to do to get the little camp in there.  Always a time when we walk on the “back forty”.

Unloading the Grizzly

Ordering the iPhone 4S

Yes, I think this was worth blogging about.

We finally had the option to get an iPhone.  Verizon did pick up the iPhone 4, but more than half way through it’s life cycle, so we held off.. that and my upgrade wasn’t available yet.  Verizon has much better coverage up here in the country than does AT&T.  Our upgrade came in July, so we waited patiently until the iPhone “5″ was finally announced.

I wasn’t going to go stand in line to order a phone, but since I was still having trouble sleeping, I did wake up right at 3:06am just as sales were open.  So, I ordered two, one for me and one for Jess.  Now we wait.

It's done

New Range

Well this has been a long time coming.  A new range.  We’ve been living with all the broken parts on the old one for far too long.  I had already replaced all the knobs once, but they didn’t want to stay on.  The piezo wasn’t working so for the last 2 years we’d been lighting the stove with a grill lighter.  So, we dropped big coin and got a nice range that I hope lasts 20 years.

Flame all over!

Weekend Project

I always like to tinker with my hands, it’s good to have a project that you can build something and feel like you accomplished something.  I was feeling up to putting together a roof bracket for a basketball hoop so Nathan and I tackled the project and Uncle Buddy helped a bit on the way.

Hoop Project


Nathan running the angle grinder.