The Floor.

So now.. how do you get an 8′x8′ studded floor up on top of this?  Roland’s answer.. a purple sky hook.  I’m not sure you can see the details in this small photo.. but.. I’m on the ladder (bad spot).. my help is at the base on each corner.. they have a rope on each top corner to guide the floor.  If you can tell.. there is a third rope, attached to a pulley at the top of the tower.. then to the *bottom* of the floor (or lowest edge).  The rope is all behind the floor, the other end of the rope heads back out to the trusty Jeep.. my wife, under a stern voice, drove the Jeep.. pulling the floor up to the top of the tower.  I was squashed just a bit in between the floor and the ladder.. but Dwayne scampered quickly up the tower (somehow) and helped pull the floor up and over the edge. (one stringer at a time).


Foot anchors..

WOW.. here are some solid anchors.. the guy at NH Bragg really wanted me to use some super heavy stuff.. and twice as many as I wanted to or even had room for.  I used 3″x12″ 3/16″ steel, at a 90 degree for the bottom braces.  A 5/8″ concrete anchor was used to hold it all down.

Foot brace

Cable supports..

The tower was “twisting” or cork-screwing quite a bit.. so to tighten things up a bit.. we added 7×19, 1/4″ cable rope.  An “X” on each face.  All the drilling was for the angle iron we used as face plate connectors.