Lean On Me

I don’t think this is what the song meant.

Nathan, you need to learn to treat your friends a little better.  I think Cole dished out just as much… it’s good to see that boys can still rough house now and again.

Nathan pinning a friend.. returning the favor.

Nathan pinning a friend.. returning the favor.

Redneck Rampage

OK, not really.  But we did hang out at a big ol’ bonfire tonight.  It was good to just chill in front of a fire and chat with friends.  This is what “social networking” was when I was a kid!

Some boys tossing things on the fire.. classic

Some boys tossing things on the fire.. classic

Student Pilot – Lesson 19

I finished my Towered Airport requirement today.  We thought we had it taken care of with the last trip to KBGR, but I did touch-n-go’s and the regulations state I need to do Full Stop landings.  So I only had one full stop landing previously.  So, even though Ron was on vacation, he had signed me off on a solo to KBGR, so I took the plane myself to Bangor International Airport.

It was a great trip, and I did pretty good if I say so myself… and I do, say so myself.  I was calm and collected enough on the way back to Pittsfield that I took the time to shoot a couple of photos.  So things are going along good, sometimes if feels like it’s going by fast, other times.. like its dragging.  But all in good time.

WEEK: 27
MILESTONE: Completed Towered Airport Requirements

The Kenduskeag Race

Not what it used to be for me.

Nathan and I stopped after Baseball Clinic and lunch to watch some of the paddlers. In years past, I was here for hours taking photos in hopes to sell a few.  It’s almost embarrassing to post this photo from my cell phone. (UGH)

We saw plenty of upsets in the short time we were there.  And I heard from a photographer friend that shoots the race that the “cash cow” that was Race Photography is all by saturated with everyday digital cameras and F*cebook posts.  Oh well, it’s still fun to watch.

Thrills, spills and chills.

Thrills, spills and chills.

Nathan Steps Up

Little League tryouts were this week.  We don’t have really any say in whether they can stay down in Farm League or step up to Little League.  We thought we wanted Nathan to have one more banner year in Farm League, but we had reservations just the same.  To be called up would be a compliment, he’s only ten, so it’s a year early.  But then he’d be one of the younger players, and may not see much playing time.  No matter now, tonight, Nathan received a call from the Little League coach, “Welcome to Little League, congratulations”.

He’s ready for it.  I think he’ll be able to hold his own with the other boys.  He has a strong arm, so I think he’ll see some decent playing time. (And I can sit and watch the games instead of being an assistant coach!)

Nathan at tryouts.

Nathan at tryouts.

Student Pilot – Lesson 18

So this was my big “towered airport” requirement.  I needed to flying into Class C or D airspace and land at a towered airport.  Maine only has two towered airports, Bangor and Portland.  Both are Class C.  The biggest challenges here are handling the radio frequencies, a minimum of five to switch between from Pittsfield to Bangor Ground, and actually doing the talking.  My brother equated it to learning a new language and it certainly fits.  I had to use “Say Again” plenty of times.

So we went to KBGR, I stayed in the pattern and made a couple of landings.  Then I dropped Ron off at the GA (General Aviation) apron and took it myself.  Three laps around the pattern.  Two “heavies” (large aircraft) in the mix, two small planes and one helicopter.  Not bad considering.

Busy travel day.  Three trips to Bangor.  First trip, take Nathan to school (via automobile).  Drive to Pittsfield, fly to KBGR.  Return to Pittsfield, drive to Bangor to work.  I’m doing whatever it takes to get this ‘ticket’.

Brake Dancing

I’m at it again.  I had the oil changed in the car and they said I needed brakes, maybe rotors.  Nothing I wanted to do, so I took it back in when I had time.  We dropped it off at Sears while Jess and I went out to eat.  An hour later they called.  I was thinking it was done.  They just looked at it. Brakes and Rotors, $315.  Ouch.  I would have had it done if we weren’t crunched for time.  I decided to part it out myself.

I bought the parts for $113, bought an allen-wrench to do the job and had at it.  Forty-minutes later and a couple extra on/off’s with the tires and I was greasy and grinning!  It’s all fine until something goes wrong.  Thankfully, nothing went wrong.

PS.  The Jeep didn’t pass inspection.  Needed a muffler and tailpipe.  That one I didn’t touch.  The local garage treated me good so they get my business one more time.

Shiny New.

Shiny New.

Student Pilot – Lesson 17

Not much of a Lesson.  That is, a lesson in flying.  It was really a lesson in passenger briefing.

Jess went shopping with her Mom and Nathan and I had a “Daddy Day”.  I wanted to surprise Nathan with a trip to the airport and give him a “hangar” tour.  I talked to my CFI earlier about carrying passengers and he Ok’ed the request for flights without “unusual attitude  maneuvers”.  We arrived at the Airport and Nathan was enjoying himself until he was told he would be riding in the backseat.  Mike should have never let him “fly” his airplane; after someone has taken the controls, Mike compared riding in the backseat like riding a bus!  I’d probably agree, ‘cept I’ve never ridden in the back to say.

After a few circuits around the patch, I dropped Nathan and Ron off and took the plane solo.  It was a sweltering 78F today and the cockpit was pretty soggy.  My mind was certainly distracted so I left off with only a couple patterns.

Because the pattern work is fairly boring to watch, and I didn’t get the bald eagle or hawk on video, I made a video of something equally boring… but different!  I wanted to show some of the planning that goes on to prepare for a flight, so I walk you through a Flight Plan.