Big ‘Ol Bike Gang

We loaded the bikes and drove up over the big hill in Charleston to go for a bike ride on the other side.  It was short lived (about 3 miles) but a good first outing.  BudSher and the boys were there to join in on the frills and spills.

The gang.. minus two photographers

Bounce, Bouce, Cadillacs, Trucks and… planes!?

I can think of once person that will get that title reference. 10,000 points to anyone else.

Nathan and I went over to the Dexter Airport today.  They had a open house (hangar) so we were able to see a few airplanes and meet some of the folks that own them.  Considering this could be my home airport soon, I wanted to show my face and rub some elbows.

It was too overcast for airplane rides, but we enjoyed our time there.

Nathan beside a Scout - 31" tires

She’s a Wild One

Something I don’t think I blogged about a couple of years ago was Jessica’s “incident” while taking a motorcycle riding course.  She took it with a friend and ended up throttling the bike over a hay bail and down a twenty foot embankment.  Quite shaken up, she didn’t finish the course and many thought she should have started out on a small dirt bike to learn the controls.

Well, two years later, she surprised me and swung a leg over her cousins 100cc Honda.  She did just fine.  No wheelies or burnouts, but she managed a couple gears and survived the adventure.

Way to go hun!

Jess, Speeding along at 7 MPH

Bradford Fireworks

Well we had our chance.  We were in New York City and the Macy Fireworks were taking place and we didn’t have the energy (desire?) to mill around with 4 million people and watch the spectacular display.  We all promised ourselves and each other that if we really wanted to see them this year, we’d make an effort to a show back home.

Well our opportunity came.  The Bradford fireworks came to town, and as tired as we all were, we loaded the Jeep at the last minute and drove the 10 miles to see them.  I took my (good) camera to capture the night and it was a great show for such a small town.  It’s as good as some of the bigger shows because your so close to the action.  The pyrotechnics are no more than 300 feet away, closer to some people.

Check out my captures and enjoy the show yourself. (without the loud noise)

It's always fun to shoot the fireworks

Even When It’s Over, It’s Not Over

Little League ended, but baseball hangs on and won’t be shaken that easily.

We signed Nathan up for a second week of UMaine baseball camp.  This one for pitching and hitting.  We expect Nathan will be on the mound next year a fair amount, as he was in Farm League – so, we thought he could learn a bit more about pitching.  Turns out, this week of camp wasn’t much different than the previous one (Skills Camp).  So much for getting my monies worth.

He enjoyed it, but he learned very little about pitching.  I guess it’ll be more online videos and reading books over the winter!

Another week of camp, back on Mahaney Diamond

A Go-Kart for the Little Men

It didn’t take long for Grampa to locate a small go-kart for the younger boys to ride/drive.  Nathan gave it a hardy test drive and deemed it worth of a beating.  Hi/Low/Reverse, this little bugger can go with it’s little 90cc motor.

Grampa thinks he needs one or two more…

Nathan buckled in for the ride