Blue Angels, Portsmouth, NH

We saw them again.  We drove the distance this time.  Previously we watched the Blue Angels perform in Brunswick, ME.  This time we drove to NH.  We didn’t chance the weather, busy airspace, etc and try and fly down.. not quite ready for that yet.

A good show.. very hot.  Saw an old buddy of mine from college (also a pilot).  And didn’t communicate with my pilot mentor well enough, because he was down there also!


Ready in his mind!

Nathan Rides “Right Seat”

Nathan had his chance to ride Right Seat on a scenic flight.  He even took the controls for 20 seconds.  It’s just as well Jess was in the back seat, this was my worst landing yet.. so she now thinks that’s how landings feel in the back seat!

Fun fun!

Dada and Boy... Pilot and CoPilot

Our Home... circled in Red

Another Senior Portrait Session

Just when I thought it was over… someone else readies for their last year of High School and thinks I’m capable of taking their Senior Photos.  This time my niece.  She did well, better than most I’ve shot in the past.. its a grueling ordeal and she hung tough the whole time.

Classic Fence shot.. with "Blue Jeans" treatment

Student Pilot – First Passengers!

The Day I’ve been waiting for for so long.

It seemed like it took forever to get to this point, though the months flew by.  I was able to take my family in the Club Plane tonight! (1973 Cessna 172 Skyhawk)

We made a short trip so as not to make anyone woosie.  We flew over the house and then back to the airport.  I greased the landing on returning – which means I’ve set the bar too high for future landings!  They both loved it… wanted to fly longer.

We’re looking forward to many more flights together.

Sorry.. cell phone photo and the camera settings were on macro.

My wife in the right seat.. and Airman Waite

The Wayback Machine Arrived Today

I remember when I collected baseball cards.  Funny, I barely knew how to play the game.  I did all my collecting in High School, when I had a job and could buy a pack or two every so often.  Nathan collects now, much earlier than I did, and he knows the game better than most high school players.

He thought he wanted to try his chances with some older cards on eBay.  So, we bought some.  About $20 worth. Certainly brought back some memories.  These were the cards I collected “back in the day”.  Nathan was hoping to win that trip to the 1989 Spring Training camps.

$20 worth of cards, worth $2 - ahhh.. card collecting.

I. Am. Pilot.

You know, sort of like I am Legend, except different?  Never mind.

I did it!  I passed my Check Ride today.. my Oral Test and my Practical Test from an FAA designated examiner. Nervous much?  Good grief.  Unbelievable.  I felt so numb in the head during the oral portion. I’m sure he was wondering if I was even mentally present as I stared at him like a deer staring into a pair of headlights.

He was very good.  He didn’t make me any more nervous than I already was.. that was huge.  I felt I did all the flying fairly well… until that last landing. Ugh.  Quite possibly my worst landing to date.  He told me what I could have done to improve it, and then proceeded to direct me to the ramp.  He said, “I think you’re ready for some passengers”.  Elated to hear that.  This will take several days to sink in!

I’m a pilot.  A Certified FAA Private Pilot.  Now to enjoy it for a while.. and continue to add endorsements. (Seaplane, Instrument)

Every time a bell rings, an angel gets their wings. Ding-dong!

A Go-Kart, a Grandson and a Grammy

Grammies do some interesting things.  Some, simple for the pleasure of their grand kids.  Grammy Libby dared to climb in the go-kart with Nathan.  Probably won’t do it again.  This needed video not a simple snap shot to really capture the moment.

"Hang on Gram, there's a jump ahead!"