Closer To My Mountain

We made a flight to the north country today.  A great flight.  I added two more airports to my tick list. (Project: Touch ‘Em All)

We flew up to Baxter State Park and did a close fly-by of Mt. Katahdin.  At 5,267′, it’s the tallest in Maine and a wonderful hiking challenge that I’ve met several times and missed a couple.  We came within a couple miles of it at 4,700′ to get some nice photos. Eventually I’ll get up there and go over the top getting some photos of Chimney Pond.  I’m excited to see it snow covered.. (soon).

Mt. Katahdin from the South

A Friendly Fly Over

Every once in a while we hear a prop spinning overhead and run outside to see the traffic.  Mike occasionally does a fly-over over the house for us so I try and take a photo. Today was a cloudy day so the backdrop was a dreary ominous sky.  It made the scene more intense I thought.

160MPH and 600AGL - fun fun.

Go-Kart City

That’s what it’s turning into over at the in-laws.  My father-in-law has outfitted nearly all of us with go-karts.  Can’t say it’s NOT fun.  We’ve had a blast on them.  It’s something about tooling around on a small machine that makes one grin.

Six karts in total, but I think one is headed back to the original owner.

Start Your Engines!

A Praying Bug?

Yup.  Right here in Maine.

I just finished adding the lights and a knock was at the door. Rare for us, especially in the late evening.  It was Grampa and Grammy Libby.  They had a little surprise for us.  Inside a grocery bag, they had a large bug.  Just holding the opaque bag up to the light I could tell right away it was a Praying Mantis. Crazy.  “I don’t think they’re native to Maine”.  In all my years here, I’d never seen one.  We swapped bags and Nathan was excited to take it to school.  The grade below him was learning about insects, and he thought it would be cool to take it in.

It’s quite large, over four inches long, but a beautiful specimen. (Though a bit creepy).  Grammy bought some flowers at a big box store, so we think it traveled from a far on a plant.  They found on the back of the seat in the truck while looking in the rear-view mirror!  Classic spoof horror!

UPDATE:  Nate took it to school.  Everyone was thrilled.  They rushed around the school looking for a suitable home for it.  A terrarium was located and he’s alive and well still.. eating bugs they catch for it.

Do you have a prayer request human?

New Lights in the Office

They’re almost as bad as the last ones.

I installed some over-priced light fixtures a few years ago with the help of my father.  The fixtures were expensive, and the bulbs ridiculous. Then we soon learned that the 50w halogens that they take, not only were they expensive ($6), but they were hard to get.  Not only were they hard to get, they were burning out every 2-3 weeks (1 bulb every 2-3 weeks).  They had to go.

So, I replaced them with some cheaper track lighting.  Cheaper track lighting with halogen bulbs.  The lights are too “spot
light for their use (office), and the bulbs just as expensive.  After I lost the first bulb after 10 hours of burn time, I nearly freaked.  But, my plan wasn’t to run halogens in them anyway.  They have the standardized GU10 socket, so I knew I could get any flavor of bulb for them.  I bought (1) CFL for the blown out halogen.  It’s not as bright, but should last a long time.  And when I took the halogen out, I noticed that it was cracked, so thus, the short lifespan.

My end goal was to get some LED’s for these lights, but at the prices they sell for ($25-$75 each), makes you think again.  Time will tell.

In the dark about lighting.

A Rack of Bats

Bugs and I did another mini-project.  It’s been in my head for a year plus.. so I thought I would free it.  This was the prototype, but it turned out OK.  Nate needed a place to store his bats, they were rolling all over the garage floor and we’re not working out well in the milk crate he stored them in.  A year or so ago, I thought up this idea for a bat rack and wanted to see if it would work.  Take a piece of PVC, cut “mushroom” shapes out of it, bolt to wall, add bats.

It’s working quite fine.  He only uses a couple bats, but at least they’re all in the same place.

The patten pending is a stretch.