Happy Birthday Boy

Hard to believe the days keep flying by and soon enough we’re buying another birthday present for the child.  Jess helped him decide what he wanted this year.  I bought the 1st generation iPod Touch back in 2007 and used it mightily for two years.  Then boy got his hands on it after I received my Droid.  He used it hard for the past 13 months and surprisingly never broke it.  But atlas, mother helped him out.  She laundered it with the bedding.  Dead.

He wasn’t upset hardly at all… after we said we could probably replace it as a birthday gift.  He really didn’t have anything lined up anyway. (A sign that he has everything?)

Its the 4th generation so it does a fair amount more than the one we owned.  External mic and speaker, two cameras, more space… and of course cost almost half as much as mine.  He’s already Skype’d with Grampa and taken pictures of various things.. so far so good.. oh and yes, we have some insurance on this one.

1st Gen (left) with broken glass beside 4th Gen iPod Touch (right)

We ARE Heating the Outdoors!

It was high time I did something about the drafts around a few windows in the house.  I’d used some Great Stuff on the door sills in the past, but was warned of their expanding properties.  This time I found the special low “grow” Great Stuff for Windows.  Worked well, but it took an extra can or two.

There’s still a “draft” (cold air off the glass) but I’ve done what I can without replacing the windows.  Some things are just easier in a log home.

Filling in where theres daylight coming through!

Mustache Fail

Every once in a while, I’ll get the idea in my head that I can grow purposeful facial hair.  The jokes always on me.  But since it doesn’t cost anything to try… actually its cheaper since I don’t shave for a while, I gave another go with a mustache. LOL.  Like a bad caterpillar on my lip.  Nathan was the only one that liked it in the house.  So yeah, I shaved it off.

It just wasn't enough, nor did it work

More Tedious Labor They Call a Hobby

Nathan has been working on these “army” men for over a year… off and on.  We’ve been building a “war gaming” box, resembling a diorama, to place these men in.  It’s been going slow, but a good challenge.

Here he is gluing arms and rifles to 1:72 scale men… blah. He wants to hand paint them, I think that’ll take him through high school.

Nathan a magnifying glass and a bunch of small parts.

Chicken Pox… the Vaccine Leaked

Nathan, after two days of self-inspection/denial, came to us and revealed his “rash”.  We didn’t know quite what to think, but because Scabies was going around the school before Christmas, we kind of jumped to that conclusion.

So it was off to the clinic early this AM to see what the real reason for the outbreak was.

Short and sweet.  His Chicken Pox vaccine was “leaking”.  So they were signs of the chicken pox virus.  They call is Zoster which is really the children form of Shingles, but without all the pain.  The Doc said it was take care of itself in 10-12 days.  It could become contagious to children/adults who have not had chicken pox, but only if the rash breaks open and weeps.  No signs of that.

Just for fun, we took a photo of Nathan in the play house, it’d been years since he’d been there to play in it, I probably have a photo of him at 5-6 playing in it.  Same one.

Too big for his britches... and plastic houses.

1000mm Of Reach

So Jess grabbed a few things from my Amazon Wish List and tossed them in my stocking.  One being a cool little R/C Helicopter that I love to fly around the house.  Another, a lens adapter for my Lumix G2, so it can accept Canon lenses.  The Lumix has a sensor 2x smaller than a typical 35mm camera, so that affects the focal length.  What am I saying?  My lenses all have double focal length on that Lumix body.  Good if you want telephoto, bad if you want wide angle.

So my big bad Sigma lens.. the 50-500mm – that’s right… 1,000mm! Of course there is a downside.. there is no auto-focus, and the aperture is wide open.  Certainly not for sports, but it will bring some wildlife much closer!  This photo of the moon was not cropped, only resized.. that lens has some reach!  (no digital zoom used of course).

Fingernail moon at 1000mm

My Got A Cold

Well, every couple of years I get it bad.  This time it was a nasty head cold.  Ten days strong.  Three beautiful days of weather in there when I could have flown, but besides the fact I was a bit concerned my ears would burst, I was wiped out.  Thankfully I had ten days off from work, so no sick time was needed.  That’s a good thing, because I learned that I didn’t have enough sick time to cover may last check and only received a 74.5 hour paycheck. Oops.

Take 'em all, none of them work.