Give Me A Boost!

The planes at the club are known to have dead batteries, mostly due to lack of use, especially after a long winter .  That’s OK, its understandable, they’re pilot maintained so if I’m not charging them, I can’t blame anyone else.  Because I never have time to pre-plan a flight (weather, schedule) there really is no way I can get over a day early to charge the battery for it to be ready the next day.  My solution, boost it.  A certain online company wanted big bucks for a Piper booster cable, I refused to pay it.  They separately sold the special plug for a fraction of that assembled cable thankfully.  I bought the plug for $22? and a Wal-Mart booster cable for $9? and put them together.  Then, instead of driving a vehicle close to an airplane, one that would eventually be running! .. I bought one of those battery in box boosters.. another Wal-Mart special.. $30-40.  I think it’ll work just fine when its time to use it.

Standard jumper clamps along side the Piper Plug.