On the Mound for BCS

As mentioned before, the team is small.  So small they don’t have enough players.  So… they have to borrow players from the other team (opposing teams agreed to this), and they forfeit each game.  But the point is, they get to play baseball and they’re working on building a better team for next year.

Nathan on the mound... struggling at 60'6"

Play Ball

So here’s a long gap between posts.  I still haven’t rebounded from my fatigue.  I spent 3 weeks sleeping 12hr days, and still lounging another 6-8hours, its still hasn’t helped.  This past week I’ve gone the other way and now have insomnia, only getting 2-4hours of sleep at night.

Baseball.  That’s really what this post is about.  Nathan decided to play baseball for the school this year and not town ball.  That was actually a big help in my condition.  They have a small team at school, but he gets to play with his friends.  He’s starting out pitching and will be used where ever he is needed.

Nathans first BCS game and first at bat.

Merry April

Well, yesterday that storm that tossed that pickup down in the ditch was just getting started.  We ended up with over a foot of wet snow to start April off.  It won’t last long, but it’s been a long winter and were all growing a little weary of this white landscape.

One final storm of the season

They Missed the Driveway

Several years ago, a car blew through the intersection across the road and lost control on the “first snow” and rammed through our split-rail fence.  This morning, I glanced out the bathroom window and had to do a double take.. either my depth of field wasn’t working, or that pickup was just a little too close to the house!

Someone had lost control coming off Route 11 and came down over the bank just missing the fence. No joke.

[UPDATE: They left the pickup there for 24 hours, but eventually came back and shoveled it out!]