Robins Nest

So we have a nesting pair of Robins this year.  We’ve had them in the past in various spots, but this year they build at about chest level in the front shrub.  She’ll wish she didn’t by the time I snap my photos!

Hopefully I’ll be able to capture a few shots at different stages and share them with you here.

MAY 28

I wonder what a blue egg omelet tastes like? (I kid)


They hatched!


Getting bigger


"Bro, does this hurt your neck?"


Move over Grover!

…..and then Nathan saw the last one hopping across the lawn as Mama cheered him on.

Something to match my chainsaw

We finally broke down and bought a new mower. We we fortune enough to have had the old riding mower put in the contract with the house.  I talked the previous owner into leaving it.  It was three years old at the time and looking pretty spiffy.  But it’s had several riders over the past 11 years and has taken its toll.  I’ve been too sick to mow and we’ve had so much rain that we fell behind.  The grass was a foot tall in places by the time the rain stopped.  The old mower just couldn’t handle it.  But the new one could!  Husqvarna 46″ 21HP

[Update: after 4 hours, we had to change the oil... I put boy on that too.]

Nathan on the orange "green eating" machine

You ride it... you maintain it!

The Great Inventor

Here’s a photo from a school project Nathan had… “Living Art”.  They were able to use the local Art Museum and showcase their knowledge and artwork for the project.  Nathan was the presenter for his paired group. He dressed up as Da Vinci and talked about his great inventions.

Doesn't he look so much older in this photo?

Twins Birthday Party

The younger set of twins in our family turned a year older.  Its hard to believe.  Time flies.. certainly when you’re busy and more so the older you get.  It was rainy so the go-karts never got their riders, but maybe next time.  We all had a good visit and as usual, the baseball rivalry was alive and well.

Birthday Boys

Although rivals, they worked together... on the elliptical.

This year’s Lawnboy

A little bit cheaper, but not much.  Last years lawnboy got a real job this year, so wasn’t able to mow the lawn for me. (I have grass allergies ;)   So I thought it was high time Nathan got on the tractor.  If he can drive a gokart, he can drive a lawn tractor.  THe biggest thing different, the lawn tractor has reverse… that’s taken him some time to conquer.

[UPDATE: The old Murray served us well, 11 seasons and it was included in the house at no additional cost]

Finally. A Long Awaited Answer [Health Update]

I’ve spent the last six weeks in my worst health condition ever.  I’ve been to the Dr several times, had plenty of blood drawn for various tests and all have come up empty… mono, lyme-disease, meningitis, lupus, cancer, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and a few more that were wild guesses.  That’s enough to discourage the simple, typically healthy man like myself.  Of course finding nothing, the problem must be in my head, so an SSRI was offered.  I knew if I took that, the FAA would ground me for a long time, and not being convinced I was depressed, I push back hard on it.  I don’t like to take Advil, let alone some “side effects are worse than the symptoms” Rx.

A couple people recommended a nutritionist/chiropractor down state and like all the other recommendations I’d received, I gave them the polite “thanks, I’ll look into it”.  But there comes a time when nothing else is working, you’re willing to think outside the box.  It turns out this guy does Contact Reflex Analysis.  You know, that “acupressure” like method of letting my body, through its electrical energy, tell the Dr what was wrong. Sure, why not.

Never in six weeks had I been so relieved to hear his initial findings… “You’re suffering from Adrenal Fatigue, we’ll have you back on your feet soon enough”. ??  Yeah, that much confidence exuded from him.  “I know the problem, I have a solution”.  Recovery starts today.  Just having an answer to the problem was enough to boost my energy levels 2 fold.  The next steps were to continue to get rest and take some supplements. Not drugs, supplements.  You see, the medical field (they’re great, but lacking sometimes), doesn’t know how to diagnose Adrenal Fatigue.  It’s also known as non-Addison’s hypoadrenia - Addison’s they can and will test for, but by the time your body has collapse into this state, you’re more than bedridden, you’ve been hospitalized for adrenal failure.

Although I have a longish road ahead, I look forward to seeing improvements very soon and returning to my old self (several years ago) in due time.  Adrenal recovery can take several weeks or several months, depending on the state one regressed to, I’ll be a few months at the least.

Dr Office..