Lots of planes… and a Vacation to boot.

My wife is something else.  She loves to go on vacation, I don’t mind it, but seldom is the vacation about something I *really* want to do.  This time she let me pick.  Of course it turned out well for boy too.

We picked Oshkosh.  Oshkosh, WI.  I know, right?  Why the Midwest? Short and sweet, it’s the location of the worlds largest air show.  Over 600,000 people descend on WI for the show and over 14,000 airplanes land at KOSH, the worlds busiest airport for a week.

It was hot and tiring, but it was a treat to see.  We also spent a day in Chicago before heading back to Maine.

Day 1-2
Oshkosh Only
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5 – Chicago 
Day 5 Baseball, Day 6 Travel

Waiting for our first plane. Portland, ME



Finally.  After eight grueling months, I’m able to put the large portion of a large project at work behind me!  Now for some personal time!  I’ve flown only twice this year and it’s high time I knocked some rust off.

Flying the wife around... the pattern


Finally!  I have a Google+ account.  I refreshed my screen for a few days before I caught it just right.  And now I’m in.

What’s Google+?  I don’t like to compare it to Facebook, but it is a social network.  It handles “group” discussion a lot better than FB in my opinion using Circles.  So now, I can talk Photography with just people in my Photography circle, or make a Family announcement in my Family Circle.  They don’t want to read about ColdFusion and jQuery, so I can spare them the “noise” in their Stream now.  It has some similarities to Twitter, in that you can “Follow” people that don’t follow you and have their posts in your stream.  I have a few Tech people I follow, and can mute them if the Stream gets too busy.  Anyway.. it’s slowly catching on, and now Facebook is quickly making changes to its site to incorporate some of the Google+ features… like Hangouts.  I video chatted with an internet friend for an hour the other day (think Skype), something I wouldn’t have done normally, but it was an engaging conversation.  It was all through the browser, no software to install.  So, once it gets a footing and people understand better how to use it.. I think it will do well.  If you haven’t joined, but need an invite, let me know.

My Google+ profile

Bird Brain

This bird has been “visiting” me for weeks.  She must have a nest nearby is all I can think.  She’s been attacking her reflection day in and day out.  To the point of exhaustion. I have some video I’ll post eventually. Crazy bird.

[Oh, and Happy birthday love... which has completely nothing to do with this post, I just wanted to say so ;) ]

Bird is the word

How my Best Man treats me

..knowing that I can’t consume much of any sugar right now, he goes and gets a free ice cream and brings me back…. an empty cone.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Thanks man!

We drove down to MDI to visit with friends that were camping.  It was good to just sit around and talk.  They ended up going for a motorcycle ride, so we did what anyone would… followed them around in a car. (3 don’t ride so well on my motorcycle)  They managed three on their bike though!  And yes, thats a toilet carpet on the gas tank.


Yummy... and hardly a calorie!

Tough looking riders

Beach Day

Would you look at that.. we made it to the beach!  It’s been a long Winter and a longer Spring.  But we had the weather and the energy to drive to the coast and sit on the beach.  And we sat there a little longer than we should have.  Red with sunburn. All three of us.  Nathan’s turns to tan in about 2 days.  Mine usually peels in a short while, after harassing me with popping pinpricking pain.  But we had a great time!

Standing in the cold Atlantic Ocean