A Book A Day

Yeah right.  If you realized how slow I read, you’d know Nathan doesn’t get his reading from me.  At the beginning of the summer, he vowed to read a book a day.  Seeing how we thought we might do something other than read all summer, I suggested that he trim that back to a book every weekday.  Take the weekends off, or use them to play catch up.

So that’s what he did.  He read 56 books this summer for the 55 weekdays he had off from school.  Some where new, some were library books and some were eBooks, but he read a pile of them.  Over 14,000 pages of reading!  They’re weren’t small books!

Summer reading – PDF

A short stack of some of Nathans reading

85 Years Old

The way I’ve been feeling lately, there’s no way I could even imagine making it to 85.  Pa (Jess’ grandfather) has made it there and not with a walker or other device.  He still works on “the farm” and stays active.  It truly is a blessing to be part of a heritage like this.

..and that's not all of the family!

Bog Boardwalk Stroll

My sister and brother-in-law live just down the road from this bog walk in Bangor, but they’d never been.  So we talked them into checking it out and we took all the boys down for the short stroll.  It’s a strange little bog walk so close to the “city” but it’s a nice walk and it seems like you’re out on the tundra somewhere.

Three of the four boys on the boardwalk.

New Passenger – Matt

Things have been going seemingly swimmingly lately.  I’ve been getting more chances to fly and build some time.  My best man came up to visit for a bit and it worked out to take him up for a flight.  We did a short flight over some land that he owns nearby and I logged a quick 0.6 hours.

He rode his bike up so Nathan and I escorted him part way back on the Boulevard.

Best Man - Matt getting his first flight from me

A milestone of sorts... 8,888.8 miles on the motorcycle

Two More Airports

We touched down at four airports on this day of flying.  Home base (1B0) and Augusta (KAUG) I already have logged as airports, but I picked up a friend in Augusta and we flew over to our old stomping grounds in Western Maine.

We landed at Oxford (81B) and Bethel (0B1) to add two more to the list.  Three hours of flying logged, probably my longest outing to date… and most expensive.

Nathan tagged along and was able to fly right seat for about half of it.

Nathan and I at Bethel.

Family Gathering

Another birthday was celebrated in the Waite family.  We typically get together for the kids birthdays and it’s always a good chance to take a family photo.

Four of the Five, Missing.. youngest brother.

And the ten "Waite" grandkids.

New Airport Added to the Logbook

We all jumped in the plane and I logged 1.7 hours on a trip over some very “woodsy” terrain.  Nothing but trees under our wings for miles and miles.  We flew to Jackman (59B) and made our landing and headed back.  Another airport under the belt in my quest to land at all 38 public paved airports in Maine.

On the way back I played around with the terribly old GPS we have in the panel.  Pretty fantastic in its hay-day no doubt, but a bit dated when compared to a iPad or the likes.  But guess what?  It still works and can get me home.

SkyForce Panel Mounted GPS in the Cessna 172