New passengers

I think this was the first time I have taken two passengers beside Jess and Nathan.  And it’s certainly the first time I took two adults at once.  I flew Dean and Kathy over to Rangely and picked up a new airport to boot.  We had to stay a little lower than I wanted to to stay under the clouds, the mountains rose up and met them, so we had to re-route a little to get into Rangely.  It was beautiful and everyone enjoyed the flight immensely.

Photo Gallery

Dean and Kathy

New Range

Well this has been a long time coming.  A new range.  We’ve been living with all the broken parts on the old one for far too long.  I had already replaced all the knobs once, but they didn’t want to stay on.  The piezo wasn’t working so for the last 2 years we’d been lighting the stove with a grill lighter.  So, we dropped big coin and got a nice range that I hope lasts 20 years.

Flame all over!

Greenville Seaplane Fly-in – 2011

Another year at the Greenville Seaplane Fly-in.  I once again wish I could say I flew up to this one, but it was a little too breezy for me.  They’re is typically a lot of traffic up there so I decided once again to drive up and enjoy the show on foot.

Nathan rode up with me and we had a great time.  Check out the photos in the gallery.

Seaplane on final

Weekend Project

I always like to tinker with my hands, it’s good to have a project that you can build something and feel like you accomplished something.  I was feeling up to putting together a roof bracket for a basketball hoop so Nathan and I tackled the project and Uncle Buddy helped a bit on the way.

Hoop Project


Nathan running the angle grinder.




The Old Naval Airbase

Something a little different.  In April this year, the Brunswick Naval Airbase was open to the public for landing.  They closed the base recently and now GA pilots and others are welcome to use the airport.  New business has arrived there and I hope the airport sees plenty of use.  It’s a great airport and the runways are huge.  So I had some new “firsts” on this flight.  I landed at Wiscassett which has a Right Trafic Pattern, and landed at Brunswick which has parallel runways 19L, 19R.  Both were new airports to add to the list.

KBXM Gallery

Hmm, which one do I want to land on?

New Photography Bend

I’ve been taking some more “artsy” photos lately and trying my hand at some HDR photography.  High Dynamic Range.  It’s a process where multiple exposures are layered to get the best of all the scene.. highlights and shadows.  I really could use some better software to make them nicer, but for now, I’ll use the free app that I have.

HDR Gallery

Spiders web in the morning fog.