Time to go Begging

I think this will be about the last year we do this.  Nathan didn’t have much to dress up in, and we certainly were not going to buy an outfit for an 11 year old.  He donned his aviator clothes and we set off for Bangor to join the Libby group in a walk around the development.  The older boys even walked around by themselves this year.. a sign we’re due to end this tradition.

Nathan ready for flight... after a sugar high!

Baxter State Park, Katahdin – from the air

I had an awesome flight today.  Boy and I fly up to Baxter and I got some great shots of the mountain.  In years past, I’d hike this mountain about every other year.  Since my flight training I’ve hardly hiked a thing.  No need to hike to get views like these!  The clouds we a little low on the front side of the mountain, but by the time we worked our way around to the East, we had some great views in the bowl.

Photo Gallery

Baxter State Park

New Passenger… from work

I was scanning the IM statuses at work hoping that someone would be online and willing to “take a break” from work.  The weather was perfect for flying and I really didn’t want to waste it.  The weekend was too windy for flying so I washed the plane, but now I wanted to fly!

I twisted David’s arm into going with me.  He’s a Powered Paraglider Pilot, so it wasn’t all that hard.  I didn’t tell him he was Passenger #13 until AFTER the flight ;)

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David - Passenger #13

Too Windy to Fly, Wash the Plane

Yup, it was just a bit too windy to fly.  I never have time to wash the plane when its a flying day, so I decided since I put the most hours on it, I should do my part and wash it.  -Nathan came over and helped out.  It was a little cool to be working with water, the breeze was stiff and Nathan wasn’t controlling the over-spray well… or so he said.. I was wearing more water than I wanted to.

Washing the Cessna 172

A Walk in the Park

Sorta.. I’ve driven by this River Walk a few times and thought I was feeling up to a short walk.  It was about a mile long and my legs were soggier than I expected but we took our time and I was able to shoot some photos on the way.  It’s a nice place to walk, and I guess they ski the path in the winter.

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The Family taking a break

A Motorcycle Ride!

Wow, it’s been a long Spring and Summer.  My health has been the worst ever and we haven’t been out on the bike at all I don’t think. (Maybe one short ride).  I was feeling pretty good and the weather was nice for October, so we talked Matt and Sarah into meeting us in Augusta for lunch.  A great day of friends and riding.  We added 150 miles to the odometer and was pretty tuckered by the end of the ride.

Jess and I with the Boulevard S83 at Red Robin

A Flight in the Piper

While Matt and Sarah were still on the property, Nathan and I grabbed the Cherokee and went over and did a fly-by.  We didn’t see them, but they saw us.  We don’t get out in the Cherokee much, but it’s Nathan’s favorite club plane to ride in, so we grab it every so often.

Nathan and the PA28-140

Matt Comes to Play

I was a bit short on time, as I was working today.  But I did get over to Matts land with he and Sarah for a short visit.  They were trying to clear some more area and take inventory of what they had to do to get the little camp in there.  Always a time when we walk on the “back forty”.

Unloading the Grizzly

Ordering the iPhone 4S

Yes, I think this was worth blogging about.

We finally had the option to get an iPhone.  Verizon did pick up the iPhone 4, but more than half way through it’s life cycle, so we held off.. that and my upgrade wasn’t available yet.  Verizon has much better coverage up here in the country than does AT&T.  Our upgrade came in July, so we waited patiently until the iPhone “5″ was finally announced.

I wasn’t going to go stand in line to order a phone, but since I was still having trouble sleeping, I did wake up right at 3:06am just as sales were open.  So, I ordered two, one for me and one for Jess.  Now we wait.

It's done