Hiking in the Woods

Matt came up in his usual manner.  Shortly after Thanksgiving for a walk on the proper with his rifle.  He brought a friend and Nathan and I joined him for the walk.  We had a great time, a fresh snow had just fallen and it was beautiful in the woods.  We tried to catch up with some turkeys and ended up tracking a peeing rabbit (did you know they sometimes pee red!? Diet depending).  We loaded all the guns and had a shoot-out for old times sake.  Nathan shot all ten weapons.

Nathan taking a break

New Passenger – My Insurance Agent

I was looking for a passenger to go flying today as Nathan had too much homework, so I called my insurance agent.  A good friend and a fellow pilot, I knew he’d be game.  We logged just over an hour and had a good time flying over the local area and spotting familiar homes.  Thanks Gary for going!

Gary - Passenger 14

And the view we captured on the way home.

Garland Pond