Road Closed!

The warnings were all there.  The spray paint on the road, the masked road signs, and then.. it happened. They put up a road block on Route 11.  You can see the sign from our house.  Local Traffic Only.  It was time to replace the old bridge down at the Rollins Mill Pond.  The road/bridge is too small to close one side at a time, and maybe not possible in other ways, so they closed it down entirely.

The traffic is certainly lighter.  The intersection “burn-outs” are far and few between, the jake-brakes are no longer waking me in the night and the occasional car horn is not heard as two cars part ways.

What does this mean for us?  Well, it certainly makes for a longer trip to church.  A longer trip to the Harris Rd.  But it did offer one small benefit.  We (I) decided it would make for a nice bike route with limited traffic.  Since there is only about nine houses from here to the bridge, they’d be very little traffic.  So we road our bikes down to the bridge and back… about 3.5mi in total.  I guess we’ll deal with the inconvenience for a while.. they’re estimating it to be a three month project.

Also can be translated - "New Bike Path"

Also can be translated - "New Bike Path"

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