Guide Service Upon Request

Earlier this year I had some folks at church ask me if I’d mind taking them up to Baxter and hike Katahdin with them.  Hmmm, let me think about it. Sure. Absolutely. Any opportunity to hike Katahdin is never wasted.  Having the chance to show someone the mountain for the first time is as incredible to me as it is to them.

Dennis and his son JD were nearly ready to leave when I arrived at their home at 5:30AM.  Earlier in the week I had called ahead and reserved a parking spot, something only Mainers can do, and only a few at that.  With the parking spot reserved there really was no rush to get there besides the never idle sun in the sky was burning away our daylight.

We arrived in good shape and started up the trail just before eight o’clock.  We had discussed trail options during the week and I was glad to hear his friends recommendation was spot on with mine.  The hardest, most exposed route on the mountain!  They were, like I always am, in awe as we entered the basin and received our first close view of the mountain.  We arrived at Chimney Pond in two hours and soaked in the view before striking up Cathedral Trail.  A leg burner for sure, but we were able to top out onto the summit just after noon.

We sat for about an hour enjoying the summit before crossing the Knife Edge and entering the Chimney.  We climbed out of the Chimney and up to Pamola before heading down the long, seemingly never ending, Helon Taylor Trail.  We arrived back at the parking lot at some past five and we’re all jelly legged but happy to have accomplished such a feat.

Thanks for the opportunity guys!

Photo gallery.

Dennis and JD at the Summit sign

Dennis and JD at the Summit sign

One thought on “Guide Service Upon Request

  1. Amazing pictures!! I feel like I have climbed the mtn. after looking at those pictures and that was close enough for me. I can see why the “jelly legs” at the end of the trail.

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