Light It Up

Ok, the for third time in as many years, we’ve changed the lights in the office again. Blah.  Originally we just had a sconce on the wall, no where near enough light for when Jess started working virtual.  We added ceiling lights, two fixtures with three lights each.  At 50 watts a piece, they gave off enough light, but the bulbs blew frequently and they were hard to find and expensive ($6/ea).  I finally changed them out to track lighting. [Remember?]  The track lighting bulbs were also 50w halogen bulbs, not as hard to find (GU10), but cost more ($8/ea).  Those started blowing.  I talked to the guy at Home Depot and he agreed.  “Oh yeah, people are always complaining how fast those bulbs blow”. Nice.

So, one more time.  Finally just opted for the office standard, florescent.  A bit dressier than the garage ones, but the bulbs were cheap and claim an eight-year life. Yay.

Two bulbs each, burning Natural Light bulbs.

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