Happy Birthday Boy

Hard to believe the days keep flying by and soon enough we’re buying another birthday present for the child.  Jess helped him decide what he wanted this year.  I bought the 1st generation iPod Touch back in 2007 and used it mightily for two years.  Then boy got his hands on it after I received my Droid.  He used it hard for the past 13 months and surprisingly never broke it.  But atlas, mother helped him out.  She laundered it with the bedding.  Dead.

He wasn’t upset hardly at all… after we said we could probably replace it as a birthday gift.  He really didn’t have anything lined up anyway. (A sign that he has everything?)

Its the 4th generation so it does a fair amount more than the one we owned.  External mic and speaker, two cameras, more space… and of course cost almost half as much as mine.  He’s already Skype’d with Grampa and taken pictures of various things.. so far so good.. oh and yes, we have some insurance on this one.

1st Gen (left) with broken glass beside 4th Gen iPod Touch (right)

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