Christmas Eve

As tradition has always been for me, we opened our stockings tonight.  We finished with supper and enjoyed a little couch time pulling items from the socks.

Seldom does a year pass that we don’t watch The Gritch That Stole Christmas.  We recorded it several days ago and saved it for this evening.  After that, to help focus on the real reason of Christmas, we all sat down and passed the evening with The Nativity Story.  A fairly recent movie about Mary and Josephs days’ before the birth of Christ.  We even caught a bit of It’s A Wonderful Life, while we waited for Nathan to fall asleep.  No, we don’t do that so he thinks some fat guy came in the night and gave him gifts, but we still want the “full tree” surprise effect in the morning when he comes out to see the tree.

The classic cartoon... poor Max.

The classic cartoon... poor Max.

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