The Fourth Christmas

That’s it.  The last one is behind us.  We just came through the door and are finally back home from being gone most of the day.

It was a rough start after The Thrid Christmas.  We loaded the Jeep, drove out of the slushy/icy driveway that felt odd. We made it over to Rt 11 when I realized that odd feeling was a flat tire.  Ugh.  As bad as it was to drive it another 100 yards on the rim, I still did it.  Too much work to change a tire when the the extension cord and air compressor would almost reach!  Besides, I need new tires anyway.  We swapped with the car and headed out again.. for our long six mile journey.

Stockings at the Libbys, lunch at Ma Harris’, then back to the Libby’s for a tree picking.  We finished over there with supper and loaded the vehicles and came home. Another “Christmas” past.

Another tree picking complete.

Another tree picking complete.

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