So I was invited to go skiing from a guy from work.  He picked the 26th, 27th or 28th for choices.  We looked at the weather and decided on the 26th.  A bit harder to walk away from my gifts that I wanted to play with and away from the family so soon after Christmas, but Jess blessed the decision.

I invited Nick and then asked Dave if he would fit.  Dave had invited his younger neighbor also, so there were two of us that were skiing and two that were snowboarding.  We made the long drive to Rangeley (126mi) to ski Saddleback Mtn. I sat in the middle back seat beside the snowboards that sat by the door.

We arrived at 10a and was wisked to the summit of the 4100′ mountain to greet the -8F air on top.  It was cold but beautiful.  We were able to get in about eight to ten runs in before lunch. On our first run after lunch we were headed for the Quad lift when Nick didn’t show.  We thought he may have missed the turn to the lift so I headed down hill to the next lift.  He wasn’t there, nor did he show up for the next twenty minutes.

I decided to head into the lodge to get my cell so I could check on him when I was greeted near the entrance by a hobbling skier.  He had made an awkward move and torqued his knee in the process. He was thirty mintues butt sliding down the mountain to get to the lodge.  He was done for the day, so we hung out until the others finished.  Hopefully he’ll be OK and it won’t be anything serious.  Click on the Photo to view a short one minute video clip.

Nick preps for the day

Nick preps for the day

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