Like Buttah

One of our favorite chicken dishes around here is Butter Chicken. A real simple dish.  Here… here’s the breakdown…

  • 9×13 pan
  • a package of chicken tenders
  • a stick of butter
  • a couple eggs
  • crackers to crumble, at add salt/pepper/garlic powder

Bathe the chicken in an egg bath, roll in the cracker crumbs, lay in the pan.  Slice the butter and distribute it across the chicken.  OK, if a whole stick is excessive, leave a few pads for the baked potato.

Bake for thirty minutes or so on 400F and enjoy.

We usually use Ritz crackers, but Jess isn’t eating flour or sugar, so we used Nut Thins instead (Rice crackers).  I had to crush them in the food processor, but they made for a much crunchier coating.

Mmmm, buttah chicken.

Mmmm, buttah chicken.

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