If your Dad was jumping off the roof…

..would you?

So today I had the chance to teach my boy something we did as a kid.  Jumping off the roof.  We just received about eighteen inches of snow, so the banks were high and prime for a roof launched landing.  I grabbed the ladder and packed it in the snow and up we went.  I was quite surprised he jumped off so easily, it was about an eight foot drop, add four feet up to eye height and that can be a bit intimidating.

When we came in, he said “Mum, guess what we did!”.  And wouldn’t you know it.. she said, “What? Did you jump off the roof?” Mothers know everything.

[Click the photo to watch the video, if it doesn't play, click SELECT A FORMAT underneath and pick Flash]

I believe I can Fly

I believe I can Fly

4 thoughts on “If your Dad was jumping off the roof…

  1. can we say…time to go back to work tomorrow??? your going to have to start rating your videos. not sure if I will let the boys watch this one or not??

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